Are you different? Well so is Jason the Penguin. He’s also bright, funny and cute, and doesn’t sound like other penguins.
Jason’s Dad worries that nobody will understand his son and thinks he needs help. But does he?
Discover what happens to Jason and his family in this delightfully illustrated rhyming story.

Jason the Penguin (He’s Different) is the first of two books featuring Jason. It’s a ten to fifteen-minute read aimed at three to eight-year-olds. The ending will ideally encourage young imaginations to make up their own stories.


Book 1 - Kindle Cover

“Jason’s super cool, fun, laid-back, happy go lucky personality forces the kid to realise the power of self-worth, to be positive that they are not alone! The dad’s frustration and lack of understanding can be related to by the parents, close family members and the children! I found it to be profoundly helpful!! Short but very powerful, Jason’s story delivers strong messages in a subtle, cute, funny and easy way! I loved it! My daughter deeply connected to the story and said “it made her happy!” Goodreads Reviewer

“Being a good ole Yorkshire lass, I could not help but fall in love with this wonderful little picture book. The beautiful illustrations are bright & colourful complimenting the poetic verse. Both light & humorously funny. A truly rhythmic read, to delight children of all ages. It had me hooked & grinning like a Cheshire cat.” Amazon Reviewer.

And this is the best review ever from Jaime – one of my younger readers. Jaime's review of Jason the Penguin - Apr 17