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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I’m going to tell you all about myself but before I do that, please bear with me as English isn’t my mother tongue. Woofish is my first language and not English Woofish. We dogs speak our language in different dialects, depending on where we’re from. So Woofish with a Cypriot dialect is my first language. I learnt the English dialect of Woofish so that I can speak to dogs who come over with their expat people. Feline is actually my second language. I felt I had to learn that because when I moved in with my people, they already had Kara the cat. It took us a while to get used to each other and being the newbie, I thought I’d make an effort to try to understand her. To be honest, I wish I hadn’t bothered because to say that Kara is paranoid is a major understatement. She comes across as pretty stuck up but she’s really a bag of nerves. She starts worrying as soon as my people go out and doesn’t stop until they get home. ‘What if they’re leaving us?’ ‘Do you think they’re coming back?’ ‘What if something’s happened?’ ‘Who’s going to feed us?’ etc etc. It’s enough to drive me barking mad!

Donut in Lenias

So people English is actually my third language. I’ve been with my people for about five years – I can’t remember the exact date but it was life changing. Life wasn’t too good before that. I guess you could say I was abandoned. But that’s in the past thankfully and life is sweet with my people parents. Okay, I know they’re not my real parents but that’s how I think of them. My people sister is a clever girl and is away at uni. It’s great when she comes home but I won’t see her now until the summer (if you’re reading this Victoria, miss you hun).

Last year my people parents told me I was going on holiday. Great I thought imagining sipping doggy cocktails on a beach somewhere while watching the sun go down. Perhaps I’d meet a cute poodle and we’d get to know each other while going for long walks. Or get someone to throw a ball for us and we’d play chase together. So there I was, imagining all these scenarios and you know what folks? They took me out of the house to the people next door and waved goodbye. My so called holiday ended up being a few days with the neighbours! To top it off, I didn’t even had a break from Kara because we had to go and feed her twice a day. It wasn’t all bad because I now think of the neighbours as my extended family. They’re easy to fool too. I give them the sad eyes look and the cupboards open and out comes a treat. Like I said earlier, life is sweet. See you next time.

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