25 Book Banter with Deb McEwan

My recent post on Indie Book Banter – thanks guys. x

Indie Book Banter

Deb portrait

Introducing Deb McEwan

1. #IndieBookBanter today welcomes one of our #IndieFriends International Author Deb McEwan.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and the best place for us to find out more.

Hi Everyone. I’m Deb McEwan. Originally from South Wales I joined the British Army aged seventeen and have spent more time outside the UK than in it. I’ve always enjoyed stories whether writing or reading and even though I’ve had the urge to write for ages, it was only in the last ten years that I felt confident enough to have a go. Until today only my husband knew that! I started by writing poems/ditties to go with birthday cards for friends. I progressed onto lyrics and have co-written a number of unpublished songs. My favourite work is the poem my niece asked me to write and read on the occasion of her wedding. Out of the corner…

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